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Custom-Built Salt Rooms & Salt Walls

From idea to reality.halotherapy.salt room.salt wall. are Himalayan salt and Halotherapy experts that handle every aspect of design, installation, and upkeep of salt walls, salt rooms, salt caves, and more.

Aside from their beautiful and sustainable look, salt spaces have become the go to design aesthetic while salt therapy has become one of the fastest-growing holistic  treatments in the world. With over a decade of experience, will help you maximize the effect of your space using our carefully sourced Himalayan crystals and world-leading halogenerator equipment. 

Ideal For:
  • Spas & Health Clubs
  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Wellness Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Homes & Offices
Our Expertise:
  • Halotherapy
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Masonry Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Humidity & Ventilation
Years of Experience

Salt Rooms

Salt Walls


Direct Supply


Concept Design

We work closely with our clients, listen to their ideas, help them identify opportunities in their space, decide on ambiance targets, and layout a concept starting from dimensions.


Material Planning

We convert our clients’ concepts into precise material and budget plans. We always plan sufficient material stock, and are always prepared! No need to go to the Himalayas we do that for you.


Installation & Maintenance

We deliver projects in record time and never compromise on quality. We use all-natural masonry practices without silicones or harmful chemicals and provide maintenance services.

Interior Design

Our Services

We are in control of the full cycle from production of material to installation and all of the steps in between.

Evaluation & Consultation

At the start of every project, we offer our multi-disciplinary expertise to evaluate and propose the best solutions to our clients.

Masonry Design

Every Himalayan Salt Brick is unique and hand crafted, therefore our salt walls and rooms are more art than masonry.

Halo-Therapy Advisory

We create halotherapy spaces with controlled environments that simulate the special microclimates of actual salt caves.

Interior & Structural Design

Himalayan salt walls are self-standing structures that require well planned support systems combined with functionality.

Installation & Maintenance

We apply masterful technique to every installation and assist any clients that require on-going maintenance.

Recent Projects

Over the last decade we've serviced the UAE in all things salt and halotherapy. The following are some projects that demonstrate our expertise.

Look Wow One Day Surgery Hospital

Hub of Consciousness Well Being Centre

Private Villa in Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi

Private Villa in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Trusted experience

Modern Design

At, we're reintroducing the ancient tradition of using salt as valuable construction material in a modern way.

Salt rooms and walls are one of the best all-natural and sustainable features worth adding to any space. They are becoming more and more accessible and it's our mission to help you build them professionally and cost effectively. With over a decade of experience and numerous completed projects we can't wait to help you create something truly breathtaking. 

Salt Bricks
Square Meters Built
Happy Clients
Salt Rooms in UAE

Founder's Vision

Salt is an integral part of life. In fact, many traditions even consider it sacred. Some salts such as the Himalayan Salt that we use are made from minerals over 250 million years old - from a time when our environment was in a much more pristine condition.  

At, we're dedicated to helping people reconnect with nature. To bringing people, colleagues, friends, and family closer to nature by installing beautiful and functional walls in their space. We believe that by giving priority to nature, we'll finally be able to reconnect to what's most important in life. 

Client Testimonials

We've helped dozens of clients create their dream space, let us help you create yours today!

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