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Over 11 years of experience

Trusted Expertise

Through a unique combination of sourcing, halotherapy, interior design, and construction disciplines, delivers world class salt walls and salt rooms.

Himalayan Salt


Masonry & Design


Customer Service

Our Services & Areas of Expertise

Himalayan Salt

Our expertise and relationships in the market permits us to source the highest quality Himalayan salt in the world.


We create halotherapy spaces with controlled environments that simulate the special microclimates of actual salt caves.

Masonry Design

Every Himalayan Salt Brick is unique and hand crafted, therefore our salt walls and rooms are more art than masonry.

Interior & Structural Design

Our salt walls are self-standing structures that require properly planned support systems.

Evaluation & Consultation

At the start of every project, we offer our multi-disciplinary expertise to evaluate and propose the best solutions to our clients.

Installation & Maintenance

We apply masterful technique to every installation and assist any clients that require on-going maintenance.

One-Stop Solution
From sourcing to installation, is perfectly positioned to help you achieve your dream result; whether it's for your home, office, health club, spa, resort, clinic, or restaurant.
Always Delivering

Through a unique combination of sourcing and construction.

Through a unique combination of sourcing, halotherapy expertise, and installation, delivers world class solutions to clients seeking salt spaces for their businesses or personal purposes.​

Concept Design

We work closely with our clients, listen to their ideas, help them identify opportunities in their space, decide on ambiance targets, and layout a concept starting from dimensions.

Material Planning

We convert our clients’ concepts into precise material and budget plans. We always plan sufficient material stock, and are always prepared.

Installation & Maintenance

We deliver projects in record time and never compromise on quality. We use all-natural masonry practices without silicones or harmful chemicals and provide maintenance services.

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